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SEC Suspension of Trading
SEC Suspension of Trading
Source: OTC Markets
Date: December, 29 2017 00:00
Leveraging Proprietary Algorithm to Promote Continued Growth in the Automotive Industry
Car Monkeys Group (OTC: CKMY), through, is one of the largest and fastest growing online automotive parts distributors in the United States. By offering a complete selection of high quality used parts for a wide range of vehicle makes and models, the company provides its custo...
Source: DreamTeamNetwork
Date: June, 17 2015 09:30
Car Monkeys Group (CKMY) - A Rapidly Growing Online Retailer
Since 2010, Car Monkeys (OTC: CKMY) has operated as an online retailer of used auto parts in the United States. The New Jersey-based company runs an online store under its brand and another under its Low Mileage Parts brand name. Through both stores, it offers a large assortme...
Source: DreamTeamNetwork
Date: June, 10 2015 08:55
Providing Alternatives to Costly New Car Part Purchases
Ten minutes after the 2009 Ford Mustang pulled into the garage it became apparent through his sense of smell, the vehicle was leaking gas. Unable to identify where the leak was coming from with the naked eye the owner's thoughts moved to a necessary drive to his friendly, conveniently locate...
Source: DreamTeamNetwork
Date: June, 04 2015 08:55
Revolutionary Search Technology Poised to Profit in Online Used Auto Parts Market
Car Monkeys Group (OTC: CKMY) is actively transforming the landscape of the used auto parts market with a highly sophisticated search engine that can intelligently locate compatible parts for a given vehicle make/model and year, and which is able to even correlate compatibility across multi...
Source: DreamTeamNetwork
Date: May, 26 2015 21:39
Car Monkeys Group Names Donald Varshine as Chief Operating Officer
WYCKOFF, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / April 27, 2015 / Car Monkeys Group (PINKSHEETS: CKMY), announces the appointment of Donald Varshine as Chief Operating Officer, effective April 27, 2015. Mr. Varshine was the Founder, President, & CEO of Integrated Global Logistics, a top 100 logistics comp...
Date: April, 27 2015 08:32


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About Car Monkeys Group (OTC: CKMY)

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Delaine Corporation is a rapidly growing e retailer of automobile parts and services with strong management and proprietary technology. The Company s online store launched in July of focuses on supplying used automobile parts, with a specific emphasis on the unique needs, constraints, and concerns of the Do It Yourself D I Y consumer. As of September, , DEPN s database contained an inventory of just over million available SKU items. DEPN s online store features an extensive product line, including used automotive parts and accessories. Consequently, DEPN represents a one stop source for hard parts alternators, starters, carburetors, clutches, suspension parts, engines, transmissions, transfer cases, rear ends, ABS parts, cooling and heating system components, steering columns, ignitions and all other mechanical parts , as well as glass, headlights and taillights, and accessories such as the latest sound systems, mobile computers, navigation systems and more. Most vehicle owners are completely unaware that parts from a completely different vehicle may be an exact fit for their application. Ordinary search engines do not account for this interchangeability, and as a result, severely limit the customer s range of choices. The combination of these unique proprietary AI algorithms, along with innovative integration of well supported off the shelf software, sets Delaine apart from a disparate field of narrow focus, highly commercialized retailers. Our deep and extensive understanding of a broad array of technologies is designed to make us an essential first stop for anyone involved in automobile maintenance. Our interface design, coupled with a comprehensive offering of free and competitively priced resources, will ensure that once they arrive, our visitors will have no reason to leave. There is more to the recycled parts story than saving money on auto repairs. The salvage industry consolidates and recycles damaged, abandoned, and inoperable vehicles, making our remaining countryside, streets, and neighborhoods safer and more pleasant places in which to live. By recycling automotive parts, we save the natural ores, resources, and energy needed to manufacture new automotive parts. Each automotive part that is resold and reused represents massive energy savings compared to the manufacturing of new replacement parts. Saving this energy reduces air pollution, as well as our nation s dependence on foreign oil. Delaine s unprecedented no risk warranty program means that its customers can reduce their repair costs by using eco friendly recycled parts, while simultaneously benefiting from a warranty program superior to that from any other sources of new or recycled parts. Thus, buying from Delaine becomes a true no brainer . DesRosiers, an automotive consulting firm, reported that the U.S. market for OE parts only, improved . percent in to . billion, from . billion in . The OE parts market also increased . percent in Canada in to . billion, and increased . percent in Mexico to . billion. The North American OE parts market was up . percent from . billion in to . billion in . The OE parts and automotive aftermarket parts sector combined is estimated to be about . Billion in the USA alone. The size of the U.S. automotive aftermarket, including the service sector, was estimated to be about billion in . It was . billion in , up . from . Delaine s web presence positions the Company as more than just another purveyor of parts for purchase. DEPN s site will be a central repository and gathering point for those seeking resources for maintaining their vehicles while minimizing cost and reducing the impact to the environment.


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Current Management

  • Mariusz Girt / President, CEO
  • Pawel Girt / CFO

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    Filing Type: NT 10-QFiling Source: edgar
    Filing Date: February, 17 2016
    Quarterly report with a continuing view of a company's financial position
    Filing Type: 10-QFiling Source: edgar
    Filing Date: November, 20 2015
    Notification that form 10-Q will be submitted late
    Filing Type: NT 10-QFiling Source: edgar
    Filing Date: November, 17 2015
    Annual report with a comprehensive overview of the company
    Filing Type: 10-KFiling Source: edgar
    Filing Date: October, 13 2015
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    Filing Type: 5Filing Source: edgar
    Filing Date: October, 13 2015
    Annual statement of changes in beneficial ownership of securities
    Filing Type: 5Filing Source: edgar
    Filing Date: October, 13 2015
    Notification that form 10-K will be submitted late
    Filing Type: NT 10-KFiling Source: edgar
    Filing Date: September, 29 2015
    Quarterly report with a continuing view of a company's financial position
    Filing Type: 10-QFiling Source: edgar
    Filing Date: May, 20 2015
    Notification that form 10-Q will be submitted late
    Filing Type: NT 10-QFiling Source: edgar
    Filing Date: May, 15 2015



    Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: CKMY)

    Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: CKMY)

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