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We are excited to present Buckeye Partners, L.P. (NYSE: BPL).

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Recent News from (NYSE: BPL)

Diamondback Energy: The Actual 'FANG' Stock Delivers
Diamondback Energy ( FANG ) delivered another stellar EPS report last week, beating the consensus estimates on both the top and bottom lines. Revenue came in $40 million above expectations and EPS of $1.64/share beat by a nickel. Despite the strong results, shares dropped $6 (4.6%) on Frid...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: May, 14 2018 11:27
Buckeye Partners, Focus On Growth And Cash Flows For This 13% Yielder
The report was jointly produced with Author Long Player. Buckeye Partners ( BPL ), one of the largest and most established Midstream MLP, has recently traded at $38.70 and pays a yearly distribution of $5.05 for a yield of 13.0%. BPL just posted one of those quarters. It has happened...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: May, 10 2018 08:15
30 Dividend Contenders Show 4.68%-12.91% Yields Backed By 10-24 Years Of Increases
Actionable Conclusions (1-10): Brokers Allege 20% To 43.7% Net Gains For Ten Contender Stocks By May, 2019 Four of ten top dividend-yielding Contenders were verified as being among the top ten gainers for the coming year based on analyst 1-year target prices. So this month the yield strate...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: May, 09 2018 00:29
John And Jane - April Dividend Income Tracker - Taxable Account
Investment Thesis April marks the sixth month that John and Jane have had a well-established concentration of stocks in their taxable portfolio. A total of five stocks in the taxable portfolio delivered increased dividend payments during the month of April. As I continue to document John...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: May, 08 2018 15:59
Alerian Reports March 31, 2018 Index Linked Product Positions
DALLAS , May 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Alerian reported index linked product positions of $13.5 billion as of March 31, 2018 . Linked products include exchange-traded funds, exchange-traded notes, return of capital notes, variable insurance portfolios, and mutual funds. Below is a...
Source: PR Newswire
Date: May, 07 2018 11:42
Midstream Wins, MLPs Pull Up Lame
It was a pretty great week for Midstream (AMEI +1.9%), but not so much for MLPs (-0.2%). The busiest week for 1Q earnings started exciting with a big merger of MLP sponsors and very strong 1Q results from big MLPs [[EPD]] and [[MPLX]]. As the week continued, however, MLP investor sentiment was...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: May, 06 2018 12:19
Retirement: Where Could You Invest Your Cash Today?
The stock market, in spite of the recent turbulence since early February 2018, is still very close to an all-time high achieved in January 2018. The current bull market in S&P 500 is in its 10 th year running and the second-longest bull market on record. The longest bull market run ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: May, 05 2018 08:00
Buckeye Partners' (BPL) CEO Clark Smith on Q1 2018 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
Buckeye Partners L.P. (BPL) Q1 2018 Results Earnings Conference Call May 4, 2018, 11:00 AM ET Executives Kevin Goodwin - VP and Treasurer Clark Smith - Chairman, President, and CEO William Hollis - SVP, Buckeye GP and President, Buckeye Services Keith St. Clair - EVP and CFO ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: May, 04 2018 18:21
Buckeye cancels open season for South Texas Gateway pipeline
Buckeye Partners (NYSE: BPL ) will not move forward with its planned 600K bbl/day South Texas Gateway crude oil pipeline and instead will invest in Corpus Christi marine and storage facilities, CEO Clark Smith said today during the company's earnings conference call. More news on: Buckey...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: May, 04 2018 17:29
Buckeye Partners -7% following sixth straight earnings miss
Buckeye Partners ( BPL -7.2% ) plunges as much as 11% after reporting Q1 earnings which missed estimates for the sixth straight quarter, citing "challenging market conditions." More news on: Buckeye Partners L.P., Energy stocks news, Earnings news and commentary, Stocks on the move, ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: May, 04 2018 10:49


About Buckeye Partners, L.P. (NYSE: BPL)

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Contact Information



Current Management

  • A. W. Martinelli / CEO
  • William H. Shea Jr. / President, COO
  • Steven C. Ramsey / CFO
  • Stephen C. Muther / Secretary

Current Share Structure

  • Market Cap: $5,837,782,377 - 05/11/2018
  • Issue and Outstanding: 146,936,380 - 04/27/2018


Recent Filings from (NYSE: BPL)

Report of unscheduled material events or corporate changes.
Filing Type: 8-KFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: May, 04 2018
Quarterly report with a continuing view of a company's financial position
Filing Type: 10-QFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: May, 04 2018
Official notification to shareholders of matters to be brought to a vote (Proxy)
Filing Type: DEF 14AFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: April, 24 2018
Additional proxy soliciting materials - definitive
Filing Type: DEFA14AFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: April, 24 2018
Preliminary proxy statement providing notification matters to be brought to a vote
Filing Type: PRE 14AFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: April, 17 2018
Amendment to the SC 13G filing
Filing Type: SC 13G/AFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: March, 30 2018
Report of unscheduled material events or corporate changes.
Filing Type: 8-KFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: March, 05 2018
Report of unscheduled material events or corporate changes.
Filing Type: 8-KFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: February, 27 2018
Report of unscheduled material events or corporate changes.
Filing Type: 8-KFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: February, 26 2018
Annual report with a comprehensive overview of the company
Filing Type: 10-KFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: February, 23 2018



Daily Technical Chart for (NYSE: BPL)

Daily Technical Chart for (NYSE: BPL)

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