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We are excited to present Brunello Cucinelli S P A (OTC: BCUCY).

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Brunello Cucinelli S P A ADR 2017 Q4 - Results - Earnings Call Slides
The following slide deck was published by Brunello Cucinelli S P A ADR in conjunction with their 2017 Q4 earnings Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: March, 08 2018 13:56
Hugo Boss And Burberry Have Just Given A Bullish Signal For The Fashion Industry
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Date: January, 19 2017 16:19
Michael Kors: Massive Upside When The Fog Lifts
In a nutshell Michael Kors (KORS) is in my opinion an attractive long at the current levels. The market is discounting a lot of pessimism on several fronts. On one side, the current price/earnings and discount to peers suggest investors expect earnings to fall for several years. On the oth...
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Date: January, 17 2017 10:05
Italian Referendum: What To Expect And What To Do
What is it? On the 4 th of December, the Italian people will be called to vote on a constitutional reform. The main amendments to the current constitution are: (A) reduction of the powers of the Senate (now the Senate and the Chamber have similar powers); (B) reduction of the number of sen...
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Date: November, 25 2016 01:41
Shorting Italian Stocks For Hedging Brexit
History Rhymes The countdown for Brexit has started. On June 23rd,the UK will decide whether to remain in the European Union or not. I am not British, I haven't studied the British situation and I am not sure Brexit will be a good choice. What I know is that Europe is not doing anything in...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: June, 13 2016 02:58
BCUCY announced a cash dividend of 0.043276 with a record date of 05/19/2015. BCUCY will not be quoted ex-dividend.
BCUCY announced a cash dividend of 0.043276 with a record date of 05/19/2015. BCUCY will not be quoted ex-dividend.
Source: OTC Markets
Date: July, 09 2015 00:00


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  • Pietro Arnaboldi / Head of IR

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    Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: BCUCY)

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