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We are excited to present COCA COLA HBC LTD (OTC: CCHBF).

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Next Week's Market Outlook - Don't Be Fooled By Optimism
This week's focus remains on the news around Brexit. The US and the UK stock markets have bounced back to pre-Brexit levels while the European markets are still lower than Thursday, the day before the UK referendum result were announced. The volatility in the US has been falling dramatically (...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: July, 04 2016 00:33
Refresco Gerber: Leading Beverage Consolidation
(Editor’s Note: There is much greater volume on Euronext under the ticker RFRG) Refresco Gerber ( OTCPK:RFFRY ) is Europe's leading manufacturer of private label soft drinks and juices. The company has been built through a string of acquisitions and mergers over roughly one and a ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: March, 25 2016 08:06
GREK Rebalancing: The Trojan Horse Has Just Been Delivered
The Greek stock index has tumbled roughly 65% since its 2011 peak in Euro terms. Its very loose representation , the Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF (NYSEARCA: GREK ), has lost as much just within the last two years. Looking at its chart now, investors may think that the index is at its botto...
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Date: January, 06 2016 10:04
GREK Seems Just Fairly Valued, But Many Of Its Individual Stocks Are Undervalued
The general theme of Greece has come out of the headlines recently. However, its banks were very much in the spotlight in the past weeks as their stocks crashed following the expected stock dilution and lukewarm interest from institutional investors to take part in the recapitalization. With t...
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Date: December, 22 2015 16:06
Coca-Cola Amatil: Share Pop Ahead Of Soda Pop Improvements
(Editor's Note: Investors should be mindful of the risks of transacting is secuities with limited liquidity, such as CCLAF and CCLAY. Coca-Cola Amatil's listing in Australia, CCL.AX, offers stronger liquidity.) Coca-Cola Amatil (OTCPK: CCLAF ) (OTCPK: CCLAY ) has a long history of making ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: May, 15 2015 15:44




Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Co is engaged in the production and distribution of alcohol free beverages, under franchise from The Coca Cola Company, including Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light also known as Diet Coca Cola , Fanta and Sprite. Co. distributes its products in Europe and Nigeria. In addition, Co. is engaged in the production and distribution of non carbonated soft drinks, including PowerAde juice drinks, including Minute Maid, Amita and Cappy brands mineral water, including Avra and BonAqua and table water products. Co. s established markets are in Austria, Greece, Italy, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Switzerland.


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Current Management

  • Irial Finan / CEO
  • Jan Gustavsson / Secretary

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    Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: CCHBF)

    Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: CCHBF)

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